Unison’s response to the proposed incremental freeze 

[Letter attached at the end of this text]


I hope that you are aware that the University is proposing a freeze of pay increments for a year from 1 August 2020 and you may have heard that the unions have been involved in discussions with Management about these proposals.

I am very disappointed to say that Unison representatives do not feel that we have been given a fair chance to respond to these proposals due to a lack of information and because we have not received answers to our queries raised at JNCC on 9th July 2020 where many Committee members were absent.

We have repeatedly asked for a sub-JNCC meeting to discuss these proposals and for today’s deadline to be extended without success. We do not believe that this consultation process has been in accordance with the spirit or wording of the recognition agreement and would like to hear what you think.

Please take a look at the attached documents which are our initial responses to the University’s proposal and have your say at the Members’ meeting at 12pm on Friday 24th July.

If you would like to attend, please send an email to [unison@london.ac.uk]unison@london.ac.uk  by 12pm on Thursday 23rd July, and we will send you a Teams Meeting invitation.

If you are not available to attend the meeting, or would prefer to respond by email, please send your questions or comments to [unison@london.ac.uk]unison@london.ac.uk

Thank you.

Read the letter here: Unison letter 17 July 2020 FINAL