Disappointment at late summer ex- JNCC meetings

Dear Members Unison Members’ Meeting at 12.30pm to 1.30pm Tuesday 30th September 2020 Please read the attached document [at the end of this text] about recent discussions between Unison, UCU and University Management. We will arrange a meeting for all members to discuss next steps and, if you would like to attend, please send an […]

UNISON Notifies UoL of Dispute re pay freezes and job cuts

Below is the text of a letter sent to Chris Cobb, notifying the University that we are going into dispute, in response to recent proposed pay freezes and job cuts. Dear Chris We are writing to you to issue formal notice of a dispute, in accordance with provisions outlined in the Recognition Agreement between UNISON […]

Unison’s response to the proposed incremental freeze 

[Letter attached at the end of this text] Hello I hope that you are aware that the University is proposing a freeze of pay increments for a year from 1 August 2020 and you may have heard that the unions have been involved in discussions with Management about these proposals. I am very disappointed to say […]

Avoiding compulsory redundancies, a joint statement from UNISON & UCU

UNISON and UCU have put together a joint statement to avoid compulsory redundancies, read it here: Joint_Statement_from_UNISON_&_UCU

Fact Service (Volume 80, Issue 49)

In this Fact Service issue you’ll find information about: 193 Updated guidance on minimum wage 194 BT cannot change indexation of pensions 195 Youth services at breaking point -Increase in value of mergers abroad 196 Union reps put one over on Ritzy Cinema  

Annual Leave and London Weighting update

Following the news we shared in December we have some updates about the final offer on Annual Leave and London Weighting. We are pleased to announce that UNISON and UCU have accepted the offer of the harmonisation of annual leave for all staff employed in levels 1- 6. This increase was implemented on 1 February […]

30 days of leave for all staff and one off payment to settle London Weighting

  You may recall that we asked you back in January this year how important London Weighting was to you and you overwhelmingly stated that UNISON and UCU should continue to pursue our claim for a further uplift. After extensive negotiations between UNISON and UCU and Senior Management, the final offer on Annual Leave and […]

Joint UNISON-UCU statement on inhousing

After more than 2 years of negotiation and continued scrutiny of the University of London’s plans, we have received written confirmation from the University of its plans to return cleaners and security staff back to its direct employment. This represents real progress. The key features of the University of London’s commitment include: Security staff to […]

Senate House in-housing campaign: significant progress made

The Senate House branches of UCU and UNISON welcome the decision made by the Board of Trustees to support the Vice Chancellor’s commitment to in-source our colleagues in the cleaning and security teams, which was announced yesterday. This is a significant step forward by the University of London and we will continue to engage with […]

Keep Calm and Take Annual Leave

You may recall back in September 2016 that Unison & UCU Senate House Branches, following negotiations with management, won an uplift to the annual leave allowance of 2 days for all staff on grades 1-6. The news item can be found here. At that time we stated we would not abandon our goal of achieving […]