Get Involved

Are you interested in getting more involved in your union? We are always happy to hear from members who would like to be more active.There are several different kinds of representative:

Workplace contacts

Workplace contacts have a more informal role than stewards or safety representatives. They can also operate as part of a network supporting an elected steward, as well as

  • Making sure members receive union and other important information
  • Helping groups of members to organise effectively
  • Maintaining contact between members and the union where there is an elected steward
  • Supporting other activists such as stewards and health and safety reps


These are the backbone of UNISON. Without stewards there would be no one there to act as the link between members and the union and to organise and support people in the workplace. As a steward you can:

  • Talk to, recruit and organise members around workplace issues
  • Talk to members about workplace problems, advice them and keep them informed of latest developments
  • Represent members in your workplace
  • Be involved in how your branch and union is run

Health and safety representatives

Health and safety reps work to make the workplace as safe as possible. They can

  • Make representations to the employer on behalf of members on any health, safety and welfare matter
  • Represent members in consultation with Health and Safety Executive inspectors or other enforcing authorities
  • Inspect designated workplace areas at least every three months
  • Investigate any potential hazards, complaints by members and causes of accidents, dangerous occurrences and diseases

Branch officers

Officers are elected by their workforce to play different roles, including: Branch Chair, Branch Secretary, Branch Treasurer, Equalities Officers, Communications Officer, Recruitment Officer, Retired Members Officer, and others.

You can find information on the current team in our list of representatives and officers.

Training, mentoring and support is available for anyone interested in becoming more active in the union – please contact the branch secretary if you are interested